Get Over 2000+ ELO
Reaching top rank in League of Legends Ladder is an achievement for anyone. League of Legends Underground will teach you every strategy, trick, and secret to help you earn top ranking in League of Legends.

My name is Valkrin and I am a seasoned League of Legend Pro. I've personally been over 2000+ ELO for months now. The reason for this, is what I teach in this guide. Exposing all the well kept secrets that the "ELO Elite" use. They've turned complex concepts, into easy to impliment strategies that anyone can use to skyrocket their ladder ranking.
Learn from the Pros
  I have got together with my friends and teammates to make this instructional package. We all have played in multiple well known tournaments such as Dreamhack, Cevo, and the ESL Major Series to name a few. You can look at some of our profiles below.  

Use Our Champion "Cheat Sheet" to Win Every Game

  Did you know every champion is hard countered by another champion? For example a complete noob Teemo can outlane and even beat a veteran Rumble.  

Advanced Strategies

  You'll learn not only the fundamentals to a solid game play, but advanced tactics that will seperate you from all of your friends.  
  -Learn fundamentals of good lane control
-How to properly split push
-How to zone your opponent and get level advantage
-Best times to baron (this may suprise you)
-When to gank as middle lane for instant free kills
-Plus many more game changing strategies
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